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Second Stop

I’ve relapsed.

In my previous post I explained borderline bragged on my new found perspective on the excess of consumerism that the US is immersed in. Well turns out I still have a longggg way to go in regards to living without excess.

It’s currently 12:54am the night (day) before my second stop on the road to Denmark, NYC to visit my sister for a mere 25 hours, and I just got done repacking, and editing and then repacking some more. Finally I have two checked bags pushing 51lbs each, and two “carry on” bags that are literally filled to the brim. But I have everything I need, and unfortunately left some things that I “need”. Here are some things I learned along the way of packing, and repacking en route to leaving home sweet home.

Layer to the airport: Since I will be traveling to a climate far colder than my natural habitat, I invested in the most perfect coat in the ENTIRE world. TNA Bancroft the Warmest Parka, I’ll let you guys know how it holds up in the Scandanavian weather once I get through it. I carried it on, because it weighs like 20lbs, and then I wore my pleather jacket, over my chambray button up, over my favorite easy black tank and my amazing blanket scarf. Have you heard about my blanket scarf? Nice and toasty for the airport. I looked absolutely ridiculous going through security, but it will all be worth it once I get there.

When packing, forget the toiletries: Depending on your length of stay don’t bother packing your sanitary essentials (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc) unless it’s a product you absolutely have to have, or one that you know you cannot get where your going. They weigh the most out of anything you’ll add to your bag and most products you can find or order anywhere in the world. The only toiletry item that made the cut in my carry on is my Urban Decay make up setting spray (ladies try it out its the best, like hairspray for your face) which on second thought I probably could’ve gone without…anyhow the first few days upon arrival jk first day upon arrival I’ll stock up and be good to go and will have all the items i couldn’t survive without.

Triple check baggage requirements: Since I have a stop along the way I had to get my first leg on spirit airlines (EK) and the second leg on Norweigian (yay) like I mentioned, both my bags are pushing 51lbs, 50lbs is usually the standard check in bag so I prayed for someone nice behind the counter. On my drive to the airport I was feeling nervous…almost nauseous and I couldn’t figure out if it’s because the realization of leaving my precious family, friends, and babies (ages 4mos-22yrs old) was setting in or because I would be forced to take things out of my bags and surrender at least one layer upon arriving to the airport (please not my pleather jacket). Certainly it was the baggage issue. I felt fairly confident when the scale read 101lbs for both bags (insert sigh of relief) that I would receive some grace, the sweet lady behind the counter says, “okay looks like your over by 20lbs, it’ll be a $50 charge”. Unlike the standard airline, the “budget friendly” Spirit airlines only allows 40lbs for check ins, wonderful. Thank Jesus for the Seven book by Jen Hatmaker that taught me my money is not my own. I graciously gave up Jesus’ $50 and didn’t think another second of it, after all that’s why I sold my favorite pair of black metallic true religion jeans.

Don’t travel before 7am because then you can’t get a mimosa for breakfast: alright this isn’t a real tip but it was uber embarrassing when I tried to order a celebratory “on my way mimosa” at the first airport restaurant I could find, only to be told I couldn’t be served until 7am, to which I replied,” well that’s embarrassing” and then settled on my last breakfast taco plate for a while and a large water, probably a wiser decision anyhow to fight the jet lag and all.

Ladies don’t wear makeup: you’ll cry, a lot and end up looking like you never put it on in the first place, or even worse, like its last nights makeup. Also you’re beautiful and don’t need makeup anyways.

Guys, wear makeup: You don’t cry, so this is the perfect chance to try it out, maybe you end up sitting next to a natural beauty, not wearing makeup and killing it. Just kidding….unless you’re into that thing, then you go glen co co.

Overall the finishing touches on packing for Denmark went well. My first stop in Fort Worth was perfect. I got to spend time with my wonderful mother and father, whom I am so grateful for. My original babies, Deja and Afam, (plus a day with Zoey) and their mother aka my sister aka Chi Chi (weird name right, did I mention I’m half Nigerian? her name is really Chioma) that I’m going to miss with all of my stinking heart. My amazing friends, so many of which came to my second to last supper, which multiple of them mentioned that they didn’t know I had that many other friends to which I replied me either, then smiled and soaked in their awesomeness.

I ran a few last minute chores, packing things to be donated, getting my chase bank accounts settled, buying the pleather pants I’m sitting in now….all the essentials. And am now officially en route to the big apple for my last moments in the good ole USA until Christmas 2016.

All this to say, when preparing for a trip don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the time you have with your closest family and friends, in light of recent events I think we are all beginning to realize life is unpredictable. Cherish the relationships you have, the moments you can never get back, and the memories that will last you forever. It’s been real America, talk to you on the other side.

with love and wanderlust – IJ


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