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Lessons Learned

Low of the week

Dropping my phone whilst riding my 6 mile trip to work. So so sad. I’m the type of person that has dropped their phone entirely too many times to count and somehow miraculously it stays uncracked. Not so lucky this time. Which is understandable since I was obviously riding about 40mph (just call me Lance) when it happened…and then ran over it. But some part of me still hoped everything would be ok, but this time it just wasn’t. I am now constantly reminded of my failure every time I look at my phone, but such is life.

High of the week

Beating Amager in 3! They were ranked one spot ahead of us until we pulled out the win and moved ahead into the number 3 spot. A lot of people were surprised it didn’t take more than 3 sets for us to win. Including our precious Libero Stephanie. After our match she said that she couldn’t believe that we won so quickly. And my setter self having no doubt in my mind that we would for sure win asked her why she was surprised and she responded with “I guess I just have to get used to us being good”. I mentioned she was precious right. The statement is more acceptable considering the team started out the season with no setter one American MB that is supposed to be on the OH and a handful of Danish players. Fast forward to now having add a couple of Americans that played at big time D1s and my response to her is get used to it.

Amended low of the week

Losing in the semis of the Danish Volleyball Cup. This is the first loss I’ve had as a player in a very long time and it still sucks. Losing is probably the worst feeling in the ENTIRE WORLD I didn’t even know how to act. Yes I’ve lost (a lot) as a coach the past 3 years which also sucks, but it’s a different kind of suck when your on the court. I felt like I was going through the 9 stages of grief. Anger, denial, and then I got delirious and forgot the other 6 stages. As an athlete the ultimate failure is losing especially when you play such an intricate part in the success of your team. As a setter you can assume that every loss is our(my) fault and I willingly take on that responsibility. There’s always something I could have done different to make my hitters more successful. So what now? Not only did we lose but we lost in 3 pretty handedly, just saying that almost brings tears to my eyes. But the Danish Cup is not the end all be all and neither is winning or losing (grimace) It’s what we do with the loss that matters. Will we work harder in practice to reach our full potential come playoff time? Will we settle for who we are now and be content with 3rd place? Only time will tell but for me there is only one choice, to go hard all the time (right wildcats?) and to commit to the process of becoming greater tomorrow than I am today.

Other highlights of the week. I went on a second date with a nice German man I met online (online=on tinder sorry mom and dad) Last week we met up at a coffee shop. Unfortunately during my bike ride there my phone died which means I had no idea where I was going nor could I pronounce the name of the café to ask someone for directions. After biking a mile in the wrong direction I ended up stopping in an electronic store and sat there charging my phone while memorizing directions and messaging (hmmm we’ll call him “B”) B to let him know I wasn’t standing him up but am just lost, scared, and alone. I ended up making it there and it was a great time, so good that we decided to go for dinner the following week. Sidenote: how horrifying is it that if your phone dies you can literally do nothing!!! Okay maybe not you, but me in a foreign country still finding my way around was rendered so helpless without my phone. That extent of reliance on Francesca the 2nd aka my iPhone is a bit scary especially since she’s now cracked and losing power at a rapid pace, she just isn’t the girl she used to be.

Anyways the second date went equally well, he’s been to so many places around the world and has a huge trip planned that’s coming up including stops in Amsterdam, India, and Tanzania. How cool is that?? As the night came to a close I realized that the expectations of adult dating in Copenhagen Denmark are a bit different than those in Abilene TX. So this may just be my last tinderoni story for a while. I’ve decided that I’m fully capable of meeting friends the good old fashion way, so I’ll pretend to be a normal social human being and let them figure out how big of a weirdo I am later on in our relationship.

Last highlight of the week would be dinner at the enemies house, Brooke, a player for Holte that used to play for our club invited us (Myself, Jamie, D) over to her place for risengrød some delicious rice pudding cinnamon dish and some games. Of course what turned into a chill evening with tea and coffee ended up a late girls night with wine and chips. Those of you that know me know how much I love my girlfriends so it was so great to have such a fun evening with new friends. The whole evening D (the girl that deserves an Emmy for getting me out of my first tinder date) and I roast each other. Typical of our new found friendship. She left the night with the nickname “ebola” for mistaking the outbreak of E. coli at Chipotle for an outbreak of Ebola at Chipotle. Seriously. SO. Funny. Still laughing as I type right now. I left with the nickname of 4 in reference to the number of times in a row that I got tooled by a 19yr old in our match vs Amager. Brooke mentioned them being good at tooling and D cough laughed immediately and threw eyes at me… is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Someone asked me the other day if it was weird to be playing again after coaching for 3 years. It is weird. It is weird because it feels as though I never stopped playing. I literally didn’t play a competitive match for the past 3 years and all of a sudden I’m practicing everyday and playing matches. When does that ever happen?? The critical coaching part of me hasn’t gone away so a lot of the times I think about what I would want to change if I were coaching the team or what I would do with specific players, including myself, but I wholeheartedly trust our head coach and can’t wait to see where we are months from now when we play for the championship (that is the setter in me).

The past week I learned that sometimes you mess up over and over and over again and everything is fine, like it never even happened. But sometimes it breaks and you have to be reminded of it every single day you look at your phone. But that’s ok because stuff happens. I learned that it’s not the loss on your record that defines who you are but what you chose to do with that loss. I learned that tinder is scary. Lol just kidding. I learned that it’s better to live your life content and satisfied with the relationships you have and to not seek out unnecessary relationships with a naive mentality. I learned that I will gain great friends from this experience. And I learned when you follow the desires of your heart and trust God everything will be a-okay.

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