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Part 1: 5 things to love about Denmark

Hey guys!

So after Ricky Bobby’s HILARIOUS and so true post about the 10 things to hate about Denmark, I thought I should stick up a bit for the place that I now call home. I know it seems odd to only counter with 5 things to love, but I’ve only been here for about 3 months now…during the winter. Anyone that actually lives here can vouch that most of the things to love about Denmark occur during the “summer” months, long daytime hours, sunny days, music festivals etc., But here we go with part 1 of the things to love about Denmark.

**life updates to follow

5. Tall men: Scandanvia is home to some of the tallest men in the world. Enough said, am I right volleygirls?

4. Getting around town: Public transportation in Copenhagen is extremely convenient and readily available 99.9% of the time. It is also among the cleanest that I’ve experienced in Europe. When Casey (my bestie living in Berlin) visited she asked if the Jetson’s owned the train, which I assume means it’s super sleek and nice. Biking is also a huge part of the community making getting around town fast and simple compared to sitting in traffic for miles on the highways. One odd thing about Danes is that they are super super honest and rule following except for when it comes to the taking of bikes. A tinderoni (tinderoni = tinder man) once told me that no one “owns bikes” in Copenhagen. That everyone owns all of “the bikes” and sometimes you give to “the bikes” and sometimes you  take from “the bikes”. I am proud to say I have yet to take from “the bikes” but I have unfortunately paid my debt to “the bikes” and given.

3. Hygge-ness: The word “hygge” is one that is engrained in Danish culture as well as in my hand. There is no direct or exact translation to english but Danes often describe it to me as sitting around a fire with your closest friends and family, holding a teddy bear in one hand and a drink in another having the most perfectly cozy time. With a plethora of cafes and candles available there is always opportunities to have hygge times with loved ones.

2. The Scenery: Castles, beaches, high rises, lakes, cottages, rolling greens, snowy rooftops. The scenery in Copenhagen and surrounding areas is absolutely beautiful. Going through any part of Copenhagen can be magical if you take the time to look around. Yes, the cobble stones can be a bit hard to navigate, but there is something so enchanting about treading carefully on those cobble stones through the small streets and old buildings stumbling upon a 100 yr old church next to your favorite hygge pub or cafe.

1. The People: The Danish weather is not the only thing that can be perceived as cold. No offense to my Danish friends but from the outside you can seem extremely cold (I still love you). From the exterior Danes can be intimidating partly because of their demeanor partly because they are all beautiful. BUT, once you get to know them, they are the kindest people. The Danish girls on my team are literally the sweetest piger (piger = girls) ever. Often times going out of their way to give us a ride somewhere or invite us into their homes because they don’t think we have any other friends (which may or may not be true). People for me are often times what makes me feel at home. People are the reason why I chose to spend 8 years of my life in the middle of nowhere Abilene, TX and people are now the reason why I feel at home thousands of miles away from family and friends.

There are SO MANY MORE wonderful things to absolutely love and adore about Denmark but that is the somewhat pitiful part 1 things to love about denmark

**LIFE UPDATES: I’ve officially lived with D (aka Ebola) for about a month now and we are literally morphing into the same person. Actually, I’m not sure if we are morphing into the same person or if we were already the same person or if she is me 2 years ago but we are just now coming to realize all of this because of the amount of time we spend together. Ev (part of the twin towers) called her IJ the other day, we often times think we are one another when watching film, we’ve said the exact same words at the exact same time multiple times now, we’ve matched during the “what are the odds games” 3 out of the 4 times we’ve played, lastly, we both use the phrase tom foolery, like, what? Needless to say, it’s always a good time in Room. (Room is what we now call our apartment after watching the movie Room together about the mother and son that were prisoners captured and living in a single room for the first 5 years of the boys life. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, then imagine D and I sitting in Chair 1 and chair 2 with Lamp in Room).

Volleyball is going well. The connection between my hitters and I, I think is getting better with each practice. After, for lack of better words, getting our butts handed to us against the top team in the league Sunday, we are all on the same page of holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard everyday in practice. It makes it super easy to work hard for girls that want to work hard for you. We still have 4 regular season games before the Semi-final tournament and in the least we are going to win a medal.

Grad school is…grad school. I’ve started up my first class of my last year which feels really great. I am now back to spending countless hours in a hygge cafe in Lyngby just down the street from Room. Cafe Amalie is officially my study spot and a friend of mine that works nearby comes to relieve me of my laborious work for an hour or so of laughs. I’ve also started Danish Classes to try and master the long words and silent letters Ricky mentioned last week…updates to come.

Dating is…dating. I’ve gone on a couple more adventures around Copenhagen that have been really fun. If nothing else, dating is a really fun way to get to know the city. This past Wednesday I went to this tiny downstairs neighborhood pub right by the lakes that always has the best sports games on their screens. Saturday I went to Torvehallen, two glass tents filled with delicious food, coffee and dessert stalls. Both perfectly hygge spots around town that I would have likely not been to if it had not been for bumblers (bumblers = bumble men).

Wanderlusting is amazing. D, Amanda (other half of the twin towers), and I just booked a weekend getaway in Budapest, Hungary. I am BEYOND excited to go to Budapest and spend Single Awareness weekend with two people that are such a good time. My former roommate Jamie also just happened to sign with a team there a week after we booked our flights! What are the odds. Hopefully we get to catch up with her in between exploring the Danube, bathhouses, ruin pubs, and so much more.

Ever wanderlusting,



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