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Defeat. Pure soul sucking, anger inducing, heart breaking defeat.

The day had started out so promising. It was game day and I was off work so I had the morning to do as I pleased. My roomie Ebola (aka D aka me) worked in the morning but got off around noon and the good vibes were flowing in Room. Later that day we had a match vs Holte the #2 team in the league and we were so hype to play and compete. I’ve probably never felt such good vibes going into a game. We biked side by side to the gym with my bluetooth speaker in my backpack pocket blaring oldies hip hop songs pretending we were jamming in a car. When I say we were hype, I mean we were hype. But what took place later on that evening was far from hype. As I mentioned in my previous post, as a setter I control a lot within a game and after this 0-3 defeat I was really feeling in control of the loss. I seriously can’t describe how much I hate losing. Not only losing but losing in three, for real for real when playoff time comes and we go up against #2 Holte or #1 Bronby we are freaking competing. That’s all I have to say about that.

Praise Jesus, I had something to look forward to past the game. BUDAPEST. It was literally the best time. Good food, beautiful scenery, great company, and boy was everything cheap. Budapest is one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever had the privilege to walk the streets of. For the trip it was just D, Amanda (half of the twin towers) and myself (Evyn (other half of twin towers) we missed you!!). Not even 6 hours into the trip Amanda was already saying she knew that it is was a bad idea to go on a weekend getaway with the one two of us, in which we replied you are now an associate. Thus began the associate adventures.

Naturally immediately upon arrival we sought after food and wound up in a restaurant called “Gringos Amigos”. You guessed it, Mexican food in Budapest, makes sense! said no one ever. We were hungry and maybe a little hungover from the butt kicking we received the night prior and there is literally no Mexican food in Denmark, therefore I firmly stand by our decision of making $4 mexican plates in Budapest our first meal.

We stayed in a conveniently located hostel/airbnb in the VII district, Jewish Quarter, which is also known as the party quarter. It was about a mile walk to a number of different tourist attractions and a lot less than a mile walk to ruin pubs and nightlife which made it the perfect location for 3 20 somethings. Highlights of the trip include, shopping at a 4 story mall which may not seem huge to you Americaners but Danes it was HUGE, walking across the lock bridge to Buda Castle, climbing up to Fisherman’s Bastion in front of Matthias Church overlooking the Danube and Pest side of the city, visiting various Ruin pubs (beautiful old stone buildings filled with modern party decor), admiring St. Stephen’s Basillica, enjoying goulash, langos, and other hungarian delicacies, cruising on the Danube at night while tasting 7 Hungarian wines, and laughing until tears rolled out of our eyeballs.

We were also able to catch up with our old teammate Jamie. Jamie just happened to get hired by a team in Budapest, right after we booked our weekend trip. We were so happy to be able to meet her for our first real breakfast of the trip (on sunday) at a great brunch spot called Cirkusz. Up until until then we were waking up around 10am, eating a lunch around 12pm, a post nap snack around 6pm, and a pizza and/or kebab around 3am. After brunch we went and explored Vajdahunyad Castle, Heroe’s Square, and took a glimpse of Széchenyi thermal bath. Later on that day we played adult beverage games in our apartment, before heading out for some dinner and wine. Sunday was a perfect combination of fellowship, sightseeing, and most importantly real food. 

We probably walked about 1000000 miles over the whole weekend. My knees were aching at the end of every day, Amanda had blisters on her feet that I wouldn’t want to touch with a 10 foot pole and D’s joints were pop lock and dropping, not in the good way. But all of this was so worth the memories that I will have forever in that city with those girls. We laughed, we walked, we shopped, we ate, we talked, we danced, we drank, we lived, we made the most of our time in Budapest.

This is the other half of the reason I chose to pick up my things (or leave behind) and move across the world. Discovering different parts of the world is not only a good time, but a humbling experience. We all live in our own little bubble and sometimes it feels like one defeat ends the world. But being able to travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles helps keep my world view in perspective. Getting on a plane back to Denmark I can’t say was bittersweet. Heading back to “reality” wasn’t so hard when you realize your own reality is your dream.

Until next time, ever wanderlusting,




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