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D’s guide to Surviving Roommates

Hi Friends!!

I’m super excited this week because my wonderful newfound twin has written this week’s blog post. I’ll give a few life updates at the end of her post but get ready to enjoy D’s/Ebola’s/my wonderful insight on how to survive roommates overseason or home side..

As a professional volleyball player living abroad, you have to get used to the idea that you don’t always have the final say in the details of your life. Your living arrangements is one of those details that can make a huge difference. If you don’t already know, the club we play for has lovingly provided us a spacious room suitable for 1 or maybe 2 people. My roommate Ijeoma (aka IJ aka DJ aka pain in the neck) then just ask me about her, you will be surprised how fast you can learn about someone when you live face to face with them 24/7. Room has enough space for 2 beds, a table, tiny kitchen area, bathroom, and closet we like to think is a “walk-in”. Please don’t get me wrong! I love IJ and Room but I’ll let you in on how to survive and make the best of a situation like this. That’s what roommates are right? Two people with a mutual agreement to survive under the same roof.


We all need it. Give it. Receive it. Maybe in the states we would usually say a roommate might be someone you share a house or apartment with but that is not the case here. Room is the place where I can wake up, get ready for my day, cook, relax, and work all with IJ no more than 6 feet away from me at all times. No wonder we have morphed into the same person. Learn what the best way is to give each other space. In the case of DJ and Room, put on your headphones and go about your business while still tagging each other in amusing Facebook posts.


There are things you will not understand. No matter how much you have in common there’s bound to be things that seem completely irregular to you. For example, there is something called mother that my roommate washes her face with (you’ll have to ask her about this one). Could it bother me that there is  strange, discolored goo in a jar on our bathroom sink? Yes. But I understand that this is her home too, she should be free to do what she wants.


Such an underestimated concept. Use your best judgement for this but there will be times to just DON’T. Don’t tell your roommate that her obsession for the Danish style rolls with jam and cheese is excessive (learned that the hard way). Don’t take the Facetime call from your friends or family from home at 1 am when the other is trying to sleep. Don’t take pictures of any strange habits your roommate has. Sometimes the best action is no action and your roommate will be thankful you didn’t.


As with any relationship, communication can be about anything and everything and is definitely necessary. It’s important to be able to talk about the latest episode of whatever show we are watching but also be able to go on and on about whatever is happening with life whether that’s something like family, work or volleyball. By the way, one regular season match left this Sunday and then we start playoffs, send good playing vibes our way!


You should be able to feel like time spent together is time well spent. Inviting your roommate to join in whatever it is that you are doing can only make things better. Something like inviting your roommate to sign up for a Danish language class so you can struggle together is perfect bonding. In case you were wondering vi snakker lidt dansk nu so feel free to test our skills.


Appreciate them for their similarities and differences. Be grateful for the little things! I have grown to like my roommate’s love for wine. I love the fact that both of us love to get kebabs at all hours of the night with The Twin Towers- Evyn and Amanda. And what would I do without someone to let me back in our room when I lose my key. Take the time to thank your roommate for being them and for whatever they do for you, thanks Ijeoma!


You have to enjoy any situation and moment you’re in while it’s still here. So far in this room here abroad I have learned to enjoy my experience for whatever it is. And really, how can either of us can complain? Okay, so we are both in our mid-twenties one of us dang near 30 and have had serious conversations about making bunk beds to save space and I’m sure we spend way too much time together for it to be healthy. But we are getting to live our dream of playing professional volleyball and we are doing it in a great city. We have the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. We have made great friends who are like family and we have some of the coolest teammates (shout out to LIVE girlypops!). And I’m just going to assume that all the loved ones back home are a little jealous that our roommates are the ones that get to experience this part of our lives with a front row seat. So if you ask me, this Room with this roommate is a pretty good way to survive.  


There you have it! Tools to survive living in a room with another human being that isn’t your significant other or sibling. Coming into this experience both of us were expecting to live alone in an apartment but D put my feelings of the current situation best, “this Room with this roommate is a pretty good way to survive”.

Biggest update to scream at the top of every rooftop would be Ricky Bobby aka Ericka aka best partner in crime EVER booked her roundtrip flight to Singapore. This summer my wonderful cousin Melanie gets married in Malaysia where I will be reunited with my mom and dad. Naturally, I invited Ricky Bobby to join for the tail end of the wedding festivities and then partake in backpacking around Thailand? or maybe Cambodia. We don’t really know. All I know is that Ericka will be in waiting for me in Singapore on June 23rd and I should probably go ahead and book a flight to make sure I’m their too.

Coming up this week for us we have a huge match Sunday vs #4 Amager. Unfortunately last week our team hit another snag and lost to the #5 team in the league Aarhus in 5 sets, after being down 7-1 in the fifth set we came back to almost win but fell short at 13-15. If we win the match on Sunday we will hold onto our #3 spot and if we lose Amager goes up and we go down. We’ve been working hard in the gym this week and are ready to defend our spot going into March playoffs.

Following the game on Sunday I have a personalfest aka staff party at Cafe Bopa. The owners of my Cafe also own two other restaurants/bars in Copenhagen so we are all getting together on the owners tab..with that being said wish both the girly pops and I luck with the game and my liver luck as it celebrates sweet victory with old and new friends.

Ever Wanderlusting,



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