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Metro City

One of my favorite movies of all time is one that probably doesn’t touch the top 100 for most of you. Last night I rewatched Megamind, THE funniest cartoon in my opinion. The first time I watched this film was senior year with my ACU Volleyball team right after I tragically rolled my ankle, having my first injury EVER, during the second to last match of my forseeable career.

At that moment in my life there was literally nothing that could be worse. Yes we had just won our match in the first round of regionals but our next match was less than 24 hours away and my ankle was swollen, bruised, and h u r t i n g. I tried to act like I was happy and excited to play my last few matches but would sneak away to the bathroom and just cry. I didn’t stop to enjoy my last match because I was so bummed by the setback that I had endured. I ended up wrapping it up and popping Jordan’s magic pill pack to play through the game (all legal of course) and finished what I thought was my last competitive game of volleyball.

The reason why I love the movie so much is because of how they play with words. I may not be the most academic person in the world (ask my girly pops about my math skillz) but I do love words. Megamind is based in a place called Metro City but the “villain” of the movie refers to it as metrosity.

After last week I updated you all on my current life situation and after being reminded of these two options. One being to view a situation as metrosity and the other metro city. I want to chose to look ahead to the future living in metro city. Which works out great since I’m currently sitting on the metro. (Don’t worry I made it safely through the doors).

This weekend we have our last two matches playing for 3rd place in the Danish Elite Volley Liga. If I’m being 100 percent honest with myself and facing facts, there is a chance that these could be the last two competitive matches of volleyball that I ever play again. Granted I will fight tooth and nail and do everything in my power to make sure this isn’t the case. But at the end of the day, we aren’t always guaranteed the things we want. What we are guaranteed are opportunities and how we approach and use those is what is promised to us. Going into these last two matches I am more than ready and mentally prepared to have fun. To play with passion and intensity, serving my teammates and giving them opportunities to be the best they can be. I’ll do my part, they’ll do there’s, we’ll get our bronze medals, and ride off into the sunset to metro city. So wish us luck and we hope to see you there.

Weekly funnies: Since we had no games this past weekend, there was plenty of time for work hours and social hours.

Work hours: A normal day at work for me consists of breaking at least two things. Waiter/bartender friends is this normal? I would have never considered myself a clumsy person I’m actually pretty not clumsy. But literally everyday I go to work the kitchen asks about every hour if I have broken something yet? To which I more often than not have to reply “yes, twonwine glasses”.

Social hours: the Americans on my team as well as a few from Holte one of the other teams in our league decided to have a good old Mexican night. And all the people said amen. To a Texan, there’s literally nothing better than some tacos and good ol fashion margaritas. That being said we all over indulged a bit on the margarita part but ended up having a really good time, ironically back at my work place. Bopa (my cafe) was hosting a party that evening so the night was filled with work friends, volleyball friends, dancing, drinking, and just a good ole fashioned time.

The night before also proved to be a good time. D aka Ebola got an invite from our men’s team libero, the notorious Fabio aka most underrated aka best libero in the league, to attend a silent disco in studenthuset, a bar that college kids flock to. We ended up going entirely too late, missing the silent disco part, searching for Fabio for about half an hour in a sea of 18-20 year old kiddos. Grandma felt old. Luckily a couple of the other boys from the team were at a nearby club and we caught up with them. Upon arrival the adorable setter Lasse aka Niel because Lasse is entirely to hard to pronounce, picked me up and spun me around. What a grand entrance. Considering the “men” on our men’s team range from 18-22 years old I still felt like a grandma but I loved one.

Side Side Note: Why am I on the metro you ask? Because my best best friend (no one be offended there are so many of you) is arriving in literally 8 minutes. My beautiful redheaded crazy hilarious best friend is coming in from Berlin for the weekend. That’s right ladies and gentleman Case Face is making a second appearance. The getaway we talked about while living so close in Europe is actually happening. Hopefully next week I’ll have highly entertaining tales to tell of, from the adventures that are to come.

EVER Wanderlusting,


side side side note: I just discovered metrosity isn’t a real word. But in my mind it meant a really really bad situation….thanks case face for the realization


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