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The Rapture

It has begun. Slowly but surely over the next few weeks my newly found volleyball friends will be taken away from me. Whether they are a new lifelong friend or an acquaintance whose company I may never have the pleasure of having again, they are leaving me.

As I’ve stated before, coming on this journey I signed on for two years and planned to live in Copenhagen through the summer which is unusual for hired players. Most go home immediately after the season is over or in Lyngby’s case a month or so after season, in order to participate in the teams’ tryouts for next season. This means that throughout the month of May all of my friends will be leaving me. What’s a girl to do. Like I’ve said so many times before one of the beautiful things about the amazing sport I play is the relationships that come from it. I literally only have friends because of volleyball (some would beg to differ but they are lying) and even my friends from volleyball often wonder why they are friends with me (twin towers). Although I am extremely bummed that my friends will be leaving I’ve had opportunities pop up that keep me excited for the future. One of which is occurring as I type..

I’m currently sitting on a high speed train heading towards a town in Northern Sweden for my first try out ever. Literally. I don’t even think I had try outs in middle school. (I take this back, club volleyball…but all of us know those teams are set long before tryouts anyways). The excitement of the day began at 7am this morning when I got a text from the train company saying that my 8:20 train had been cancelled. I headed to Copenhagen Central station anyway in hopes of finding a solution where I was told the train hadn’t actually been cancelled, score! The nicest worker helped me find what he called the Harry Potter Track due to it’s elusive location (down some stairs, through doors, past tracks 5/6, up outside, over, and down) at this point I had a slight jog going since the lady at the booth yelled at me to hurry, only to be notified by the security checkpoint that the train in fact was not coming. They tell me to hop on a train to the Airport and then catch a train from there. Um okay, what train??? Should’ve been my response, but instead I just headed for the airport. Once arriving at the airport I rushed to the next train, (What train are you rushing to? you ask, NO IDEA, I answer) where another security man I asked for help said just get on this train you have 10 seconds….um okay?? where do I get off? I should’ve said, but I instead got on the train no questions asked.

Finally I found myself in Malmo having missed the 9:11 connection by about 5 minutes, I now had 2 hours to kill until the next train. Not gonna lie, I sat outside for a second and shed a tear or two. But then I pulled my big girl pant(ies) on anddddd went shopping, nothing better than browsing through Zara to remind you everything will be ok. Fast forward back to the present and I’ve got about 1 more hour till I reach my destination and soon enough it will be full speed ahead in my first professional visit/tryout. Send all your good vibes to me like 24 hours ago.

The past week flew by as fast as the next ones will. I finished my latest grad school course which was by far the hardest one I’ve taken so far. Grad school really put a damper on my fun this past week, but I still managed to squeeze in a few practices with the boys team, 3 nights of going out to celebrate the end of the season, and work work work work work work. Literally so much work, but luckily my coworkers are really good company.

In addition to my Bopa hours, I also worked my boss’ daughter’s confirmation party with D aka Ebola aka best Roommate ever. When I think of confirmation I think of going to classes at my Catholic Church for weeks in order to stand in front of the church in all white, finally being able to eat holy bread and drink holy grape juice. Danish confirmations my friends is not like that. The closest thing I could think to describe a Danish confirmation is if you mix a sweet sixteen party with a turning 21 night out and add parents? Lost you in the last part I know but that is the most perfect description. The honorary of the night was 14 and the evening consisted of a very nice 3 course meal for family and close friends followed by a turn up with about 20 of her closet friends ranging in age from 14-16 with an open bar…hilariousness ensued. At one point, we had to cut the kids off. One super tall guy kept wandering into the back kitchen not saying a single word to D or I, grabbing a piece of bread, wandering out, and then back in. Another kid came in asking if he could have a bottle of wine, we said to go ask Jesper, the guest of honors Father, instead of doing that he stayed in the back chatting it up with us about NBA teams and how he’s spotted us on the volleyball court before. Somehow he managed to, on the first guess, say I was from Dallas, I have mixed feelings towards that. Lastly, a group of three kids came in asking for more beer and as we were telling them there is no more, their mother trucking jam came on, because one guy started dancing like an actual fool and dabbed on us at one point. Too freaking funny.

Another little something that I get to look forward to aside from Asia in 7 weeks and the journey of finding a new team, is an adventure to Dublin. WOOHOO. At the end of the month right after all of my fellow Lyngby Americaners depart, I’ll be taking my own short trip to Dublin with my favorite red head, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Caseface. SO EXCITED. Casey’s sister is taking an Orchestra trip with the Aggies to Dublin so we are going to visit her and to explore all that Dublin has to offer two besties from Texas.

Ever Wanderlusting,

P.S. You may be wondering what happened to all of my awesome tinder/bumble/happn/somanydatingapp adventures, well you’ll just have to keep following along to maybe find out….

P.P.S. I’m now on my way back from my visit! I’ve talked a bit about being on the other side of being on a recruiting now but what a trip it was to be on the other side of a visit. More details next week but all went well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve found my new home.


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