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PT 2: 5 More Things I Love About Denmark

Hi Friends!

It’s been a long time since I left you, and I’m sorry for that. But I’m so happy that my new bestie Ev aka twin tower aka swan decided to gift me with a wonderful blog post. Next week I’ll catch you up on my life but this week enjoy Ev’s views on 5(ish) things to love about denmark that completes my mid winter list.

(Ij’s additions)

To start this blog, I’d like to take a second to tell ya a little bit about how much we just love your dear friend IJ. As you all know, we got the pleasure of meeting this crazy chick back in December. We should’ve known then that we were in for quite the adventure 😉 I don’t think there’s been a time yet that I’ve been around IJ without dying laughing. Practice, during the middle of a rally in a game, hanging in Room, you name it and this girl has us cracking up about something. I’m not even sure we know what we are laughing at half the time, but anyone who has met IJ knows that once the “IJ cackle” starts there is no stopping it yes, you all know exactly what I’m talking about;). I can honestly say I don’t know how we would’ve made it through this season without IJ and I’m just so thankful for all of the support you guys have given her so that she could come spend 6 months exploring Denmark with us ❤ I think I speak for us all when I say that we have quite a special friend xoxo (you are the sweetest bestie)

Now that I’ve let you all know how much we love Miss IJ, let me tell you a little bit more about what we have grown to love about Denmark! At first when IJ asked me to write a guest blog this week I was kinda nervous…but once I got writing I realized even more how much I have fallen in love with Denmark and I actually ended up having to add a couple more points to my post. I just couldn’t choose what I loved most!! Anyway, here are a few more things that we have enjoyed during our time here:

Things We ❤ About Denmark- Part 2

  1. The parks: Over the last few weeks we have been blessed with some amazinggg weather. Unlike in the winter, when going outside was a rarity (at least for those of us in Room 2), (this is an absolute understatement, Ev was actually a bear in hibernation for the past 5 months only coming out of Room 2 for practice, games, and the occasional drink). the spring has brought out a whole new sense of adventure in us. It’s like we’re living in a completely different country! After almost forgetting what sunshine was, we took full advantage of the nice weather and ended up exploring several new parks in the area. There’s actually one right down the street that has become our new favorite lunch spot. Who would’ve known there are so many within walking distance of Room1 and 2 in the great suburb of Kongen’s Lyngby.
  1. The Language: Okay, I know I’m NEVER going to hear the end of this and I’ll probably regret saying it, but yes, I am admitting to having a sliver of love for this bizarre language lol. If you are reading this and you have been living with me over here the last 6 months, I can already see the faces you’re giving. Yes, I know, I know, I’m not exactly what you would call “good at Danish” (another understatement). For those of you who aren’t over here, lets just say I don’t necessarily have the best track record with learning the language BUT it has been a lot of fun attempting to speak it☺
  1. Outdoor activities: Yes, again, obsessingg over all of the warm weather! The past few weeks we have gone canoeing, found new running trails, laid out by the lakes, and enjoyed some BBQ by the campfire with some great friends☺ If that doesn’t say summer, then I don’t know what does! (Ev also got a beautiful burn tan that we were all worried envious over)
  1. Beach Volley: So yes, surprise surprise volleyball made the list! Beach volley in Denmark is in full swing now and we couldn’t be loving it more. Lucky for us there is a super nice beach court at our home gym just 10 minutes away. The Copenhagen area also has several beaches designated for volleyball in the summer and although we haven’t made it out to them yet, we hear they are the place to be. The beach, sunshine, volleyball, and summer drinks…what else could you want?!?

Which brings me to my next point….

  1. Beer: Thank God for the Dane’s love of beer. I have always been a fan, but these past nine months have taken my love of beer to a whole other level. Ij and I were the only ones of the Americans that shared this appreciation, but I’m proud to say we have finally converted Amanda to our side haha …D, on the other hand, is still taking some convincing.
  1.  Family: We have been so blessed to meet some truly amazing people during our time in Copenhagen. So many people have gone above and beyond to make our experience here unforgettable and that has meant the world<3 We just adore our Danish families<33

Mange tak min ven for letting me be your guest blogger this week! Jeg elsker dig!


Evyn (aka your neighbor aka the other twin tower aka swan aka your beer drinking buddy aka your best friend;)))

Thanks Evy for writing this wonderful post and for welcoming me into your life on that cold snowy November day. Girls like Evyn are the reason I love being a part of a team and she (you) are so missed already! Until we meet again love.

Ever Wanderlusting,


P.S- Just a little teaser on the hilarious Ireland trip I had, one of the many hilarious moments Casey and I had occurred as we drove through the beautiful Ireland countryside, on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car narrowly missing huge tourist buses while eating things they shouldn’t even sell in stores (12 pack of chocolate buns…why not).


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