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There’s No Time Like Family Time

1 week down and 2 more to go. My time with family flew by this past week and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences I got to partake in with them. From parents, to cousins, to aunts and uncles, the week was jam packed with family.

I was greeted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by the blushing bride aka my cousin aka Mel aka wonder bride and the following days were whirlwinds of shopping, wedding receptions, meals, more meals, more shopping and precious time with my mom & dad plus time with more cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews than a girl could imagine.

Malaysia is one of the southeast Asian countries I think should be travelled more often. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only been twice now since my family moved to the states when I was 8 and I have yet to explore it’s beautiful islands. I’ll be able to tell you all a bit more about the touristy side of KL and Malacca after the end of the trip but for now I’ll catch you up on the precious memories made with family.

One great thing about about being back in Johor Bahru aka JB aka mom’s home town was getting to see my parents in their element. Mom was always laughing with a sibling, dad was always playing with grandkids, and there was always a number of cousins around to catch up with. At the KL (Kuala Lumpur) wedding one of the highlights was a surprise showing by the Star Wars Cast. Mel aka the best bride ever surprised her hubby with the Star Wars cast (future husband I apologize in advance for not doing this for you or anything close at my our wedding). Earlier that same day the bridal party (Mel graciously let me into her bridesmaids group so that I could experience a traditional Malaysian wedding) had a whole set of surprises of their own.

In typical Malaysian tradition the groom and his groomsmen are to fight for the bride’s honor. They do so by completing a number of tasks in order to be let into the room where the bride is being kept. The groomsmen had to partake in “challenges” ranging from taking straight lemon juice shots and eating the second spiciest noodles in the world to licking chocolate out of diapers hung off each other and being dolled up in makeup by the bridesmaids and posing for a picture. I’m so grateful that my cousin let me take part in these traditions and am extremely excited to force these traditions onto my future Mr. and his unsuspecting best friends.

The highlight at the JB wedding was the addition of Ricky Bobby aka Ericka and dancing the night away with my parents. If anyone has ever met my parents you’d understand where my obnoxiously loud but infectious (I hope) laugh comes from. Three wine bottles later thanks to Uncle Andrew (apparently a VIP member of Ponderosa golf course where the wedding was hosted) and all three Moronus plus one were on the dance floor. Omg such a good time. My parents are the funniest in the world and definitely got the party started thanks to the help of Ericka and I. Both my mother and father shook his groove thing and Ericka and I probably did more laughing than dancing. My dad was a hit at the wedding with people running up to him exclaiming “Uncle Okey!” with the biggest smiles on their faces (this was also his first time back in a while). At one point during the wedding I told my dad that if I had known I was living with a celebrity all these years I probably would have been a bit nicer.

Equally exciting news to finding out my father is famous is that soon I’ll be changing my title from Miss (or is it Ms. now that I’m dang near 30?) to Mrs. because I caught the bouquet! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The four year deadline Mel gave me at the beginning of the trip has hopefully been moved up or there are a whole flock of ladies in JB plus Ericka that will be staying single for longer than preferred.

Although the prospect of settling down and finding “the one” is intriguing, as I sit here in the back of a pick up (with seats without A/C) after a two day one night trek through the jungles of Mae Tae, I realize being “single” (I haven’t forgotten you) isn’t all too bad. A lot of the memories and friends that I have acquired in the past few years may or may not happened if I had settled down earlier. We’re only three days into our time here in Thailand and I can’t wait to share the rest of my memories with you. For now I’ll say goodbye and hope you wish me luck as this Asian adventure continues!

Ever Wanderlusting,



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