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Tricks and Treats

When I initially thought of the idea for this post it was an acceptable few weeks after Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas were still in the near but kind of distant future. Fast forward to today and we are officially 9 days away from Christmas, seriously time is flying so fast. The benefit of me procrastinating with this post is that more tricks and treats have arose in the past month that I can share with you all. So here is my life for the past month or so separated into bitesize little tricks and treats.

Treat #1 – My best friend got engaged!!! I’ve had a number of friends and family get married in the past 5 or so years. I’ve been a bridesmaid 5 times now and have attended many weddings as a guest. All of those have been amazing experiences and I always cherish being a part of a loved ones special day but this time it’s a little different. Kelsie aka my little bit of heaven aka my Kelsie is getting married!!!! The pure joy and excitement that rushed upon me when she told me via FaceTime was seriously overwhelming. I cried. Not just because I’m so extremely happy that she is getting to marry the man of her dreams. But because my best friend is getting married. Crazy I really couldn’t get over it for a few weeks days. It is crazy how many emotions I felt but the overwhelming one was happiness. I’m so happy for her and can’t wait to plan and stand next to her on that most special day.

Treat #2 – Surprises from Topher Grace. One thing that is so much fun about being in a long distance relationship is the endless opportunities to surprise each other. Not only did I get one surprise in the past month but two. Surprise number one was arguably a failure due to my own suspicion. Chris was coming into town for the weekend but not until the wee hours of the morning due to practice on Friday night. He was acting odd that day and I got curious about his practice being cancelled and him making the trip up hours early. Despite my better judgement I cheated and decided to look on find my friends. I know I’m the worst. Low and behold Topher Grace was halfway into Sweden (YES!). I contemplated playing dumb but decided to make dinner for when he arrived instead, essentially a win win even though the surprise element was a failure. Ever since then we’ve vowed not to check find my friends when one or the other was acting suspect. I’m glad I stuck to the vow since he surprised me again a few weeks later by coming to a game about 2 hours away from Copenhagen (more about this game in the trick column). Long distance can have it’s challenges but there is always a way to make an unfortunate situation better.

Trick #1/#2 – We got our butts kicked by the #1 team in the league and then proceeded to lose to one of the teams sitting at the bottom. Ouch. Going into playing Engleholm (1) I felt pretty good and confident that we would compete if not win. Coming out of playing Engleholm I was disappointed that as a whole we didn’t show up and barely gave them a fight at all. The potential of our team is unlimited, when we play at our best I believe we can beat any team in our league and we have won and taken sets from the other two teams standing above us. The trick I suppose is showing up. We didn’t show up at Engleholm (1) and got our butts kicked, we didn’t show up agaisnt Svedala (7 at the time) and lost in 4. We have one more match tomorrow that can be significant moving forward in the second half of season. I for one plan on showing up and have confidence that my teammates will as well.

Trick/Treat #1 – The snow! Okay, if you follow me on snapchat (eege712) you know that I am absolutely obsessed with the winter wonderland that is my life. I really can’t decide if I love the snow or I am just so infatuated by it. Right now the entire town is topped with snow, the lake is halfway frozen over, Christmas lights and stars are hanging in every window, it’s absolutely picturesque. BUT with the snow comes ice and with ice comes broken hips. I have yet to fall completely which is a blessing since my rebel self has been risking it all on my bike but have endured a slight slip or skid every once and a while. Until it melts away I’ll continue to be the “Texan that’s never seen snow” among the village people that are used to their eyelashes freezing over.

Treat #3 – Thanksgiving in Copenhagen. Last month we just so happened to have Thanksgiving weekend off, which is also known as just another weekend in November here in Scandinavia. Topher happened to have it off of volleyball as well so I made the trip to CPH and attempted to host my very first Thanksgiving. In between the cooking and the cooking I managed to get together with one of my favorite girly pops aka sweater girl aka Sarah. Sarah and I spent some time shopping around in the mall and catching up over nachos and drinks the trip included me making fun of Sarah and Sarah wondering if I was always that mean. The answer is yes Sarah I haven’t changed, you’ve just missed me. But back to the cooking. Seeing as how I don’t come from a traditional “American” family and how everything in the states can be “instant” made, cooking a Thanksgiving meal was more of a challenge for me than I presumed. I literally spent at least 10 hours cooking. In the end there was a great meal on the table and good company around it with the help of Topher Grace and Bettina and the rest of the Staal Alstrup gang.

Treat #4 – I finished Grad School. Oh my goodness gracious mio I am so happy to be done with Grad School. After stressing out about a 45 minute presentation where I was expected to sum up 2 years of education, it is finally over. The presentation went somewhat smoothly and I am officially a Master. Yes I have been forcing friends to call me Master and yes feel free to do it too. Having gone on adventures to Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and across Europe while having to worry about assignments and group discussions I am more than ecstatic to have homework-free adventures. I am extremely grateful for my parents supporting me through this journey of education and know that one day it will prove to be extremely beneficial. Anytime within the last two years any mention of grad school would’ve definitely fell under the Trick column but hallelujah it is such a treat to say, “I’m done”.

Well, there you have it, my past month summed up in tricks and treats. Throughout any season of life there will be both tricks and treats that come your way. If you can find a person that has gone through a period of time without any setbacks or disappointments I would say either you or they are liars. But hopefully your treats always outweigh your tricks. If that isn’t the case then I hope that sometime in your near future they will. Looking forward I’m only 1 day away from the start of my Holiday break including a fabulous Roman getaway. Although I am extremely bummed to be spending a second holiday season away from home, I am so blessed and fortunate to have found a home away from home in Copenhagen.

Wishing everyone the Happiest of Holidays, ever wanderlusting,



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