“Are you ready?”, “Excited to get going?”, “All set for adventure?” These are all things that I am consistently being asked when I see any familiar face. You see, I recently decided to make the most fearless selfish decision I’ve probably ever made in my life. Many people that know my situation talk about how exciting it is and how it is so awesome that I would do such a thing, but I’m almost 99.9 percent positive in the back of their mind they think, she.is.cray. Currently I am the Assistant Volleyball Coach at the best college in the states, Abilene Christian University (GO WILDCATS!). I love everything about it, the people, the school, the community, my friends (shout out Ricky Bobby), plus my family is just a short two hour drive away. All of this, however is about to change. In less than 1 week now, I will be moving across the pond to start a new adventure and pursue my dream of playing volleyball for as long as this body can take it. I will become the setter for a professional volleyball team, Lyngby Volley, in the Elite Danish League. I am a travel seeking, fashion obsessed, God fearing, indubitably single, part time grad student, full time professional athlete, that is simply trying to make it by one plane ticket at a time.

And to answer their questions, no, I don’t think that I will ever be “all set” for adventure but I am ready to share the amazing stories that are to come from being not so set for adventure.

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  1. Very exited and proud for you. You are a remarkable young woman. I have been blessed to know you as a student athlete, coach and now friend.
    Many blessings IJ.

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  2. I. J. My name is Gary. Live in Abi and meet you on occasion at moody. I watched you play & coach for years. Visited with your mom several times. Reason for my comment is I have very close friends in Denmark and I am sure they would be great HOST family. We go back 50+ yrs. email me if you interested.


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