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I’m Taking the Scarf with Me

The past month or so has been an extremely challenging one for me. Like many Americans living in our comfortable lives I fell into the shopping consumerism trap of buying literally anything I laid my eyes on that I wanted. I’m talking everything. My closet was filled to the brim, so much so that I had not one, but two additional clothing racks in my room. Plus the dresser, vanity, luggage cases, full of out of season clothes, on top of my shrine of shoes (I worked at Dillards for 6 months its not my fault). After deciding to pursue my passion for volleyball I quickly decided this unholy sacrifice of material items had to happen. Thank God (literally) for the devotional I was charged to start about two months ago with some lovely physical therapists. Seven by Jen Hatmaker made getting rid of literally almost all of my earthly possessions easy because I realized I was living in excess (maybe more on that later). All this to say, only a few more days till departure and I have a few boxes that are to be kept in my parents house in Fort Worth, TX, two bags to be checked in, and two bags for carry on all packed up and ready to go for my (at least) one and a half year adventure. I know I know, two bags…I struggled with this choice for a long time, one bag or two, but when it came down to it two bags is already a victory for me (ask anyone that knows me) so why set myself up for failure by trying for one right? I had been doing so good not shopping, selling all of my items, and saving up money (did I mention because of this haphazard fearless decision I still have a car and rent to pay for on top of, now full grad school tuition?). Up until a fateful shopping trip in Nagodoches, TX, this is how much of a shopping addict I am. I managed to escape the Houston Galleria Mall, Acadiana Mall in Lafayette, LA, and other various boutiques and stores but could not however survive downtown Nagodoches, TX. (If you are not from Texas and don’t know where this is please google it, epitome of small town Texas.) I walked into this precious little boutique and my eye was instantly drawn to a shelf full of scarfs, I may or may not have been yearning for a plaid blanket scarf for the past few weeks almost succumbing in Houston. I should have never tried it on. It was perfect, and plaid, and perfect and I just had to have it. I struggled for about 10 minutes. The angel on my shoulder was telling me “get the scarf”, the devil was saying “put it down you don’t need it”…or was it the other way around… Anyways $20 later and with a guilty conscience, I’m taking the scarf with me.




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