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The Good News

It was worth it.

Okay okay, it’s not “the good news” but, I’m 6 days, 1 practice, 1 scrimmage, and 1 game in and it was worth it.

Not to discredit my AMAZING life for the past three years. Getting to be an Assistant Coach at a D1 institution that I absolutely bleed (purple) for (GO WILDCATS!), being with my ACU Family and my bestie (shout out Ricky Bobby), being able to disciple to young women (shout out girly pops), being close to my family and best friends in the world. These were all things that I am so grateful for. But now being thousands of miles away, alone, cold (but not really thanks to the BEST PARKA EVER), and “lonely” it was worth it.

I can’t get over my love for playing volleyball.

Things haven’t been perfect, no wifi in my apartment, bike that switches gears every two seconds, phone that doesn’t work, competition that was so bad (for real), the list could seriously go on…. but none of that is phasing me right now because all I can think is, I get the opportunity to pursue my passion.

What is stopping you today from doing the same? Each of our desires and passions look ENTIRELY different. Not everyone is charged to sell all their belongings, leave their family and friends behind, and move half way across the world. But what does pursuing your passion look like? I can tell you right now that it will NOT be perfect. It won’t be now, and maybe it won’t ever be, but will the process be worth it? Knowing that I get to wake up and go to practice tomorrow, despite the obstacles makes it worth it for me.

More updates to come

Ever wanderlusting,



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